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who the hell are metaltech? well....fusing electronic beats, coursing synthesizers, chugging guitars, pounding bass lines and vocals with tongues firmly in cheeks, metaltech have stunned and entertained audiences throughout the uk over the past 3 years. having played the rockness, wickerman and belladrum festivals in scotland, club antichrist (one of london's largest fetish clubs!), supported alec empire and psydoll, appearing in a nationwide tv advertising campaign, been voted second best metal act in the scottish alternative music awards and having packed out countless live venues including the famous king tut's wah wah hut, they have brought the theatre back into live music. imagine if gene simmons from kiss had an illegitimate child with keith flint from the prodigy who had then been put up for adoption and raised by trent reznor and david bowie!

erik tricity (vocals, rhythm guitar, programming) donned in kiss-esqe greasepaint, has merged all the best hypnotic aspects of dance music with all the crunch and power of some (if not all!) of the best rock and metal acts of our time. add to that the neon orange imagery, confetti cannons, sex dolls and glow sticks of possibly the most engaging live show to hail from scotland, metaltech have secured a fan base ranging from 14 to 60 year olds. lord thrapston flagellator (bass) provides a cool mix of slap/funk bass guitar with simple throbbing bass lines to add oomph to the searing synthesizers peppering the music.
the insidious doktor mayhem (lead guitar) compliments the sonic barrage with all the rock pomposity and fret noodling of all the greatest lead guitarists. the band’s first ep “alkomatik” was hailed as “ a patchwork of all your favourite tunes with some new space-age groove thrown in too” by isthismusic.com and branded as “finally a band that put fun into scotland’s music scene” by the daily record metaltech's first full length album “burn your planet” is set to secure further tours and fill the dance floors of techno clubs and rock clubs alike. already gaining airplay on various internet radio stations, here is an album to party to.

burn your planet is released on august the 15th 2011 via alex tronic records with a launch party on the 14th of august 2011 at edinburgh’s cabaret voltaire. doors are at  7pm with support from plastic noose

come along if you can and witness the mayhem!

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